Sunday, November 6, 2005

Writing bliss

What an opportunity today! My husband is taking our 2-year old daughter out on a date today to meet some giraffes at the zoo today. They left this morning, so I retreated to Einstein Bros Cafe, getting here at 11:00 a.m. After a mere 30 minutes of procrastination, I got down to some serious work.

Three hours, fifteen minutes later, I did my word count and WHOA--4,360 words for that chunk of time. It probably would have been more, but I had to do some research online about schizophrenia diagnosis and treatment. Still, even with the researching time, I took a good slice out of the total words needed.

I also came here planning to give some tender love to The Visitors. I have 45 minutes left and will be romancing those characters back to life before I leave today. Ah, what writing bliss!

Total Words: 14,547
Words to go: 35,453

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