Sunday, November 13, 2005

Two zero days, one comeback

I did write somewhere around 550 words after midnight Saturday morning, but absolutely no writing got done for the rest of the day. Sure enough, things got too busy and before I knew it, midnight had come and the day was gone. At that point, I was officially behind in my count, having used up all my extra words to make up for my two zero days. But really, who can blame me for being distracted on the day my friend's daughter dies, and the day of her memorial service?

But I went out to Einstein's Cafe right after church today and got 4194 words written. The story just flowed out of me. I'm completely caught up now--one good day will do that--so I need to focus on maintaining that.

For some reason, finishing this silly thing has become really important to me. I don't know why exactly, but if I figure it out, I'll let you know. It has less to do with simply accomplishing something great and more to do with that "something else."

Words to date: 23,316
Words to go: 26,684 (almost halfway there!)


  1. Hi MangyCat! this is Tahn, from Clean Place. Wow! I admire how dedicated you are to your writing. I would shrink back if I had to write a novel in a month's time or so. Wow, that's awesome!

    I also have a question on how to put up a story on Clean Place. Do you think you could give me some directions? I'm embarassed to say that I'm lost...=S

    Thanks a bunch!

    =Tahn (a.k.a. =E.J.=)
    I have a blog too. It's called Chic's_tide, if you'd like to check it out. It's just something for fun. =)

  2. Hey, Tahn! Thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, it's been a challenge, but it's also been a lot of fun. Depending on how this goes, I may end up making this an annual decent into madness. ;o)

    I'll PM you on CleanPlace with some instructions on posting there. :o) No worries.