Monday, November 7, 2005

Rough going

From the moment I got up late today, the day was doomed. Late start. Busy morning. Frustrating lunchtime. Dull-heading afternoon. Busy evening. And who knew when I would get anything written for NaNo today?

As I sat there watching the last few minutes of "Restaurant Makeover" on the Food Network at 9:55 p.m., my husband said in that loving way, "Go write!" I turned the tube off at 10:00 and headed downstairs to find a snack.

Chocolate milk in hand, I wandered upstairs and looked around for a distraction. No TV. That was certain death if I wanted to get any amount of words written today. I turned on the computer and decided not to check my teen writing forums, but instead open up my NaNo Word file.

Ah, but while it's loading, why not pop onto the NaNo forums and see what's happening? After all, there may be two new posts I haven't read yet! :snicker:

So I procrastinated for about 30 minutes and by time 10:40 was rolling around, I thought, "I NEED to get started or just call it a zero count day."

I wrote and wrote until my eyes drooped. I do need to get up early tomorrow, so I might as well get some sleep. Hit 1,303 which isn't the minimum, but that's why I had such a good day yesterday, right? So that I could slack off this week if need be.

According to my NaNo Excel spreadsheet report card (yes, there IS such a thing for those of us who are obsessive compulsive), I'm 32% done. Not bad, I think for the beginning of week 2.

Total words to date: 15,850
Words to go: 34,150

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