Thursday, November 3, 2005

Procrastination fails

I tried my best to procrastinate my way out of writing tonight. Strange how hard it is to do something when you have a deadline. Procrastination is just a way of life, I guess! Probably a part of that sin nature thing.

After watching two episodes of Good Eats and one episode of MythBusters, I finally sat down with the intention of getting my writing done. I checked as much email as I could and even got on my teen writing forums before I finally plowed through.

Came out of the end with 1,885 words. Not too bad--and over the minimum. As an added bonus, I don't think all of it was complete drivel. ;o) Could possibly get massaged into greatness at a later date. After November, of course!

One of the Colorado gals on the NaNo forums posted today that she is already throwing in the towel. Noooo! It's been less than a week! I will try not to be shaken though. There are still many, many other writers who are hanging on. Seeing their words counts has inspired me to keep going. I saw one word count around 8,000 already. Whew!

Words to go: 44,281

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