Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365: 59/365 [Dedicated to Stephen LaZotte]

Project 365: Photo Edition - Lady of the Ladle

Wrote a poem tonight for a challenge on CleanPlace: Pick a well-known historical figure and write a poem where you and the character share a meal. The poem should be free verse. The speaker (narrator) of this poem is YOU. If you can't read it on the image (and you're interested), here's the poem:

Lady of the Ladle
by MangyCat

My eyes raise heavenward
to watch as Time's "Lady of the Ladle" bends
over the Beef Bourguignon
and selects a portion for my plate.

Her curious voice sings, "Bon appétit!"

"Yum, Julia," I say and smell
the indeible aroma of savory stew.
I feel inadequate. "I can make rice."

"You could make Beef Bourguignon."
Julia drops into a chair across the table, so at ease,
then folds clever hands under sturdy chin
to wait.

Appetite and tongue are whet, anticipating
the first spoonful of a legend.
I raise impending jubilation to my lips.

The French Chef's intense eyes make me nervous,
but her wrinkles show
that she has smiled all her life.

I close my mouth, then close my eyes
in rapture, for now I am in Heaven.

Project 365: Video Edition - Dedication Finale
Dedicated to blog follower Stephen LaZotte

This concludes February Follower month! What fun this has been. Here's a compilation of all the videos and photos that were dedicated to the followers of my blog.

Today's video is dedicated to Stevious from ZottePark of YouTube fame because he's a fellow vlogger (more avid than I am) and because I owe him a drawing. (Consider it an IOU, Stevious.) Also mentioned was CRYSonline.

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